SixtyFour Music | About Us

SixtyFour Music was founded by award winning music producer Nick Payne and award winning sound designers Johnnie Burn and Warren Hamilton.

We specialise in original composition, music supervision and licensing, music editing and customisation, brand strategy and re-records for brands, creative agencies and film makers. 

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1964 was a seminal year for music. Top of the Pops was broadcast for the first time by the BBC. The Beatles landed at New York's Kennedy Airport to start what's become known as the British Invasion. Dr Robert Moog invented his first synthesiser. Simon and Garfunkel made their first recording for Columbia Records. The Rolling Stones released their eponymous debut album on Decca Records. Shirley Bassey recorded her timeless theme for Gold Finger (among many other things) so it seemed only fitting that we name our company after such an important year in musical history.