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Lately I’ve been believing that music predates speech.
— Debbie Harry

HSBC #ZeroRegrets

HSBC had ambitious targets of bringing new customers to their banking services and in 2017 became a category first when they offered their Student Account to both university students and higher level apprentices alike. We were tasked with raising awareness of this differentiator and asked to help attract new young people to sign up with HSBC's Student Account.

We were engaged to produce a music-focused cross-channel campaign, aiming to encourage young people in the UK about to start higher education or training to have the confidence to take on every opportunity available to them, so they can reach their full potential and have no regrets later on in life.

To bring this idea to life, we teamed up with award winning grime artist Lady Leshurr and created an original song for HSBC. We then set about inviting fans of Lady Leshurr to suggest ideas for the accompanying music video through her social media channels and then shot the video, with Lady Leshurr and real students and apprentices experiencing their #ZEROREGRETS moments by pursuing their passions and the moments that would help shape their future.


On Facebook 1.6 million people engaged with the campaign, generating over 53 million impressions, reaching a targeted audience of 9 million.

The video content was viewed over 1.5 million times on Snapchat, generating 23.4 million impressions and we saw a high average watch times of 27 seconds once people swiped up to the full length video.

The cross-campaign exceeded expectations when it came to business objectives by driving a significant number of Student Account applications with a 17% YOY in total Student applications from 01 July – 20 September.




Desperados keeps on pushing the boundaries of wild experimentation in party and music. This time they teamed up with KiNK, legendary Bulgarian producer and DJ to create the world’s first global DIY mobile sound system performance.

KiNK played the role of DJ, conductor and producer, by using custom built sounds systems as instruments and 300 partygoers from around the world as musicians, to produce an unorthodox assortment of sounds. As part of the experiment, KiNK created the exclusive track “I Can See Through You” in real time.


Each sound system was sourced from the local music scene of its country of origin, including Germany, Netherlands, France and the UK, to create a truly global sound. Using materials such as faders attached to organs, electronic oil drums and even disused cars, the distinct medley of sounds, under KiNK’s direction, came together to create one exceptional track.

“Desperados Sound Stage was wild. I’ve never had the chance to experiment with such unique sound systems before,” said KiNK. “There were moments when the sounds and music worked perfectly together and of course a few mistakes along the way, but that is the spirit of DIY music, breaking the rules because there are no rules to break!”



House Party Plugged

We hooked up with producer Riton to create a remix that took the house party to another level. With household objects and a little electronic wizardry, we created ‘House Party Plugged’. In a collaboration between musicians, technologists including experimental drummer Dario Rossi, a team of diverse experts and Riton himself, we rigged an entire house and made it into a giant musical instrument.

The pots, pans, taps and even the stairs where synthesised into DIY instruments to become the bass line, the beat and the vocals of Riton’s hit “Rinse and Repeat”. We triggered wild experimentation and created a unique, live musical performance.